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Looking for UPC and EAN barcodes?

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All purchases come with: UPC and EAN codes; certificate of authenticity;
Excel and PDF spreadsheets; graphics in EPS, JPG and PDF formats.

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Ready for every online store

Whether you're selling on Amazon, iTunes, eBay or elsewhere, the barcodes you buy will work with all retailers. You can sell physical or digital goods, both from an online eCommerce store, or a physical location - our barcodes will work with every possbility.

Includes everything you need

When you buy barcodes from us, we create a package for you containing: a certificate of authenticity; lists of the barcode numbers in Excel and PDF spreadsheets; and graphics files of the actual barcodes in EPS, JPEG and PDF formats. You can download your barcodes within minutes of purchasing.

UPC and EAN Barcodes

Otherwise known as a Universal Product Code (UPC) or International Article Number (EAN), barcodes are a unique number and pattern used to identify an individual trade item. We issue each barcode in UPC-12 (for use inside the USA and Canada) and EAN-13 (for use outside the United States and Canada) format.

No hidden fees

You only pay once, and no extra fees are hidden away. All our barcodes were issued before August 28 2002, and this makes them exempt from renewal fees, meaning once you've bought your barcodes, you don't have to keep paying for them.


Super simple pricing
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  • Excel and PDF Spreadsheets
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  • Instant Delivery
  • Authenticity Certificate
  • Excel and PDF Spreadsheets
  • EPS, JPG and PDF Graphics
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  • 100 Barcodes
  • Instant Delivery
  • Authenticity Certificate
  • Excel and PDF Spreadsheets
  • EPS, JPG and PDF Graphics
  • 24/7 Support
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Barcodes are easy to understand.
Here are the basics:

Barcode numbers: explained.

A barcode is made up of three series of numbers:

  • The first 6-10 numbers identify the company
  • The last number checks the barcode is valid
  • And the numbers inbetween these identify the item
What is the check digit?

When your barcode is read by a point of sale, or you enter it into Amazon's systems, there needs to be some way of double-checking that all of the numbers have been entered correctly.

The check digit is used exactly that, checking that all of the barcode's numbers have been read OK and without any errors.

Making the check digit

The check digit is calculated with a simple bit of addition and multiplication.

Add up each individual digit in the barcode, multiplying each odd digit by 3, starting from the last number in the barcode:

(1 * 3) + 1 + (3 * 3) + 3 + (9 * 3) +
7 + (3 * 3) + 0 + (8 * 3) + 3 + (6*3)

Which adds to up 104.
Ignore everything except the last digit - 4 - and subtract that from 10.

Ta-da! We have our check digit: 10 -4 = 6!

How many barcodes do I need?

Items are often available in a large number of different options, whether sizes, colors, shapes, configurations - the list goes on and on. You may need a separate barcode for each and every variation of your product, and your first step should be to work out how many product codes you use to uniquely identify your products and their various options.

For example, if you make 3 types of pen, and each pen can be one of 3 colors, one of 3 styles, and can be bought in packs of 1, 10 or 100, you will need to identify 81 different item variations:
3 types * 3 colors * 3 styles * 3 packs = 81 barcodes required.
You should also keep in mind your future business plans; if you intend to bring out a new type of pen, you will need 27 extra barcodes to cover the new product line.

Freelancer Essentials

How to use your barcodes

Printing and display

The optimum combination is a white background with the barcode printed in black. When printing your barcodes, avoid bright colors and use dark shades instead; and always print them in a single solid color, not using multiple colors.

Barcode placement

Give careful consideration to where you want barcodes to be placed on your package. If they are in an inconvenient location, it will take people longer to scan them, slowing down processing. Also avoid areas that will be scraped or commonly damaged.

Size and ratio

Barcode scanners expect barcodes to come in a standard ration. Therefore, if you need to alter any barcode graphics files, you must ensure that the width and heights remain proportionally the same to one another.

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