We've a killer team at the helm

Michael Jackness

Mike has been an online entrepreneur since the dark ages of the internet. Nowadays leading an active life as a fitness enthusiast and the CEO of Terran, LLC, Mike is passionate about eCommerce and removing barriers to otherwise frustrating processes. After going through nightmare after nightmare trying to buy barcodes online, he founded BuyBarcodes.com with Tom in 2015. In his spare time, Mike enjoys SCUBA, hiking, spending time with his wife, and being ignored by his dog.

Thomas Buck

Tom has been building websites since the prehistoric time of web development when newsreaders would spell out web addresses h-t-t-p-colon-forwardslash-forwardslash. In recent years, Tom has grown into a scary combination of geek and businessman, and after finding the same frustrations as Mike, decided to team up and fix the problems. In his free time, Tom enjoys attempting to play the piano, and having his every waking moment dictated according to the whims of his two daughters.

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